Ridderinkhof winches, winch systems and deckequipment

Since Ridderinkhof started building machinery in 1900 there has been a consistent thread of rugged performance and innovative design in its winch technology. This continues today as Ridderinkhof is committed to designing and marketing the best tools for the job for the customer that uses his winch on a daily base and relies on its strength and smart features to make his living. Many Ridderinkhof innovations have been found on other designs over the years but our innovations continue to this day to lead the field.


Early beginnings: a side board winch for sailing barge, ca 1900.

Examples are WAVE Winch technology and dynamic rendering: Recent developments see more tugs being used in multi role work. That means having a winch that will have excellent constant tension and/or dynamic rendering features so it can work both inshore and offshore with rope based systems and as escort tug.. The new standard Ridderinkhof winch carries a mechanical rendering brake incorporated into its gear box to ensure high speed, high load dynamic rendering to make this possible. One stage further will bring you to the WAVE Winch drive technology which is a fully automatic and dynamic constant tension control over the entire load and speed spectrum of the winch. This means you can leave the winch control on auto pilot while manoeuvring in tight spaces.


Photo: Tugboat Apollo with WAVE drive on the double drum towing winch

Our winches are available with hydraulic, AC electric and permanent magnet DC drives.