Ridderinkhof winches, winch systems and deckequipment

Ridderinkhof is a leading partner in Winch Technology -  designing, constructing and selling winches all over the world

We are designing and producing offshore winches, steering gear, mooring winches, anchor handling winches, towing winches, pipe lay vessel winches, civil waterworks/land based winches and custom built winch systems.

Clients from all over the world consider Ridderinkhof as to be high in the ranks of world top 8 of best known winch companies. Owners of our winches consider the equipment to be strong, robust  and reliable, this image came with small steps, and we still make technical jumps forwards. 
Clients from all over the world come to us to develop very special winch systems and they consign us to manage their biggest projects. 

Wave Winches

Through pro-active focussing and combining all our knowledge with new technologies, Ridderinkhof continuously makes bordermoving steps forward. In this way the company developped the wave winch, a high dynamic winch that is able to keep a line under tension under VERY dynamic conditions.

Design, production and assembly is done in our own companies and plants in the Netherlands and Belgium, where we are able to make every  part of the biggest winch in the world, fully by ourselves, having total control on quality at the same time. Ridderinkhof is ISO certified and is audited and approved by the famous big offshore companies from Holland.  All this enables that we can deliver the most reliable winches at shortest delivery times and world class quality at marketequivalent prices.

Testing Rig

Every winch can be tested before shipment and delivery in our own factory, up to 200 ton pull at full speed. Ridderinkhof delivers all its winches with lifetime guarantee on the design to do the purpose for which it was purchased.